Thursday, July 3, 2014

Microbead Laptop Pillow Desk Advantages - Accessories for a Comfortable Workspace

Microbead laptop pillow desks are designed for children and adults who use their digital devices for long hours. Quite a few people nowadays work from home and they use their laptops daily. However this sometimes leads to pain in the wrists, back and other parts of the body. Part of this is due to unhealthy habits. For example, computer users may not take ergonomic breaks or have poor posture.

The aches and pains from computer use that result from working the long hours necessary to build a business from home can be alleviated. There are certain accessories that encourage the correct use of your laptop at home, even when you have a lot to do.

A microbead laptop pillow desk keeps the heat from your device from getting to your lap. Whether your kids use laptops or you are trying to make your own work environment more comfortable, this can help.

It has the following advantages:
1. Provides a padded surface for you to work with
2. Keeps your lap cooler
3. Has a firm surface with a cushion underneath
4. The surface has enough space for you to write or take notes while you work

LapGear 45303 Multi-Purpose Jumbo LapDesk

Product Details

There are different versions of this type of desk available online. In my opinion, these are more comfortable than some of the other laptop desks which are angled and have foam to protect your lap from heat but don’t have as much cushioning to keep you comfortable after hours of work.
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