Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Secure Your Ebook

Learning how to secure your ebook online and offline helps you to prevent theft. Several people who have an extensive amount of knowledge in a particular area think of publishing a book. Since digital publishing has become popular, more individuals produce PDFs and other versions of their work and make these available for sale on sites such as Amazon and Smashwords.

There is a problem with digital publishing. Since the work is in an intangible format, it is easier to steal. Someone can stay in Germany and get access to a PDF that was created in Hawaii. How do you prevent this from happening when the text is your work and belongs to you?

Software and document security from providers such as Elicense allows you to lock your content so that only authorized persons can read it. Their system allows you to package your book for sale and carries you all the way through to collecting payments. You get fraud protection through their digital asset rights platform, even after your work has been distributed to purchasers.

This type of protection also works for people who work with other forms of content, such as video games. If you write a book, using a disclaimer in the text can discourage some people from sharing it in ways that you don’t want. If you have ever received a free e-book before, you may have noticed this disclaimer. The author may have stated that you could share the book for free but could not sell it, for example.

You can also protect PDFs with a password before you sell it on some of the sites you choose. These books are encrypted and cannot be read without using the correct secret code. This is one way that secure information can be distributed to a select group of people safely. Learning how to secure your ebook gives you greater peace of mind and helps to ensure that you profit from your work.

Best Apps and Home Budgeting Software for Mac

Home budgeting software for Mac gives you the flexibility you need when you are planning how to spend your money. It provides you with tools that make it easier for you to organize your money. You can manage your household budget easily from your home computer.

This article will look at three of the best finance apps for Mac computers that can be used on your mobile device. Many of these are paired to home budgeting software so you can use them on your home computer and your iPhone. These make it simple for you to track your spending and watch your progress towards savings targets.

iBank is one of the most popular home budgeting software for Mac. If you want the best program to help you follow the personal budgeting guidelines you have set in place for yourself or track your earnings and spending, this software is a good choice.

Cashculator is another popular choice for residential money managers. The softare is available as both a free and paid version. The paid version is quite affordable at less than $30. You can give the free version of the software a try and if you need additional features, you can go for the paid version of the program.

The Money Plus finance app is even more affordable than Cashculator. It is available for less than $10. People who have used it report that it is really simple to work with and gives them the basic graphs and other aids they need to visualize their progress towards their financial goals.

The Mac computer is a favorite among consumers for several reasons. They find that it is more virus proof, in away. This is because people who are trying to hack computers tend to focus more on building viruses and other malware that will attack Microsoft based systems. Hackers and people who are involved in computer crime do that because Microsoft controls a significant portion of the computer market. If they build malware for those systems they can attack a large number of people.

These home budgeting software for Mac give you different options. Most allow you to track multiple accounts at once. Some are more powerful and allow you to import bank data, and make investment tracking easy, so you can monitor your liabilities, portfolio and do tax reports.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Online Reading Apps for Kids: Kindle for iPhone, Fictionwise’s eReader and More

Kindle for iPhone is the e-book reader that allows you to read electronic books on your iPhone. E-books that are sold on Amazon have to be read by using a Kindle.

If you have an iPhone, you don’t need to buy a Kindle, you can just download the app and your mobile phone will work as an e-reader.

Another e-reader is Fictionwise’s eReader 2.0.1 for iPhone. With this app you can browse multiple e-book websites and also choose the text and background colors to suit your preferences. E-books (electronic books) have become vastly popular because they are cheaper and are available more quickly to the buyer than a conventional printed book.

Book-related application software has surpassed games in the App Store, as a percentage of all applications which have been released. In October one year, 20% of all new applications launched on iPhones were books.

Some book apps are written for children. Story book applications for iPhone which are written for children are interactive and fun and have great visuals. Parents and children can read the story books together on the iPhone. Some of these are; ‘Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Little Bella’s- I Close My Eyes’ and ‘Little Red Hen’.

There are also coloring apps for kids available for iPhone which spell the names of the drawings out loud and teach kids spelling. ‘Coloring Book’, ‘Coloring Fun’ and ‘Coloring Book: Christmas’ are among the iPhone apps which can make time spent waiting in line, for example, more fun for children.

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