Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to Secure Your Ebook

Learning how to secure your ebook online and offline helps you to prevent theft. Several people who have an extensive amount of knowledge in a particular area think of publishing a book. Since digital publishing has become popular, more individuals produce PDFs and other versions of their work and make these available for sale on sites such as Amazon and Smashwords.

There is a problem with digital publishing. Since the work is in an intangible format, it is easier to steal. Someone can stay in Germany and get access to a PDF that was created in Hawaii. How do you prevent this from happening when the text is your work and belongs to you?

Software and document security from providers such as Elicense allows you to lock your content so that only authorized persons can read it. Their system allows you to package your book for sale and carries you all the way through to collecting payments. You get fraud protection through their digital asset rights platform, even after your work has been distributed to purchasers.

This type of protection also works for people who work with other forms of content, such as video games. If you write a book, using a disclaimer in the text can discourage some people from sharing it in ways that you don’t want. If you have ever received a free e-book before, you may have noticed this disclaimer. The author may have stated that you could share the book for free but could not sell it, for example.

You can also protect PDFs with a password before you sell it on some of the sites you choose. These books are encrypted and cannot be read without using the correct secret code. This is one way that secure information can be distributed to a select group of people safely. Learning how to secure your ebook gives you greater peace of mind and helps to ensure that you profit from your work.

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